Display 5760×1080 background image in triple monitor with native 1920×1080 resolution

I’m writing this guide because I struggled and could not find the solution online and hopefully this will help people who want display a 5760×1080 image (triple screen resolution) as their background properly.


My setup:

  • Identical triple screen monitors (1920×1080)
  • NOT using nvidia surround
  • Screen resolution is 1920×1080


To render your triple screen image, do the following steps:

  1. Right click your image and set as background (do not open your image and then set as background). Note: your background image would appear cropped and duplicated at 1920×1080 across all monitors.
  2. Right click your desktop and select “Personalize”
  3. At the bottom of the Personalize window, you should see “Desktop Background” with an image of your desired background image.
  4. Select the “Desktop Background”
  5. Change the “Picture Position” to ‘Tile’ and his Save Changes.
  6. Your 5760×1080 image should now render properly across all three 1920×1080 image.

If not, Good luck. hah.


How to create a triple monitor background image (Not my video):