Hungry Bunny

Hungry Bunny

Why this Project?

I recently went on Summer break for 2014 and after a week of having fun with my friends, I wanted to get back to work and be productive. I decided that I wanted to make a small game on my own using Lua and the Love2D game engine. I was invited to join a friend for a hackathon at UCI this weekend (May 23-25) but I had prior commitments so I could not go. Instead I still wanted to work on a game so I began this project.

What is Hungry Bunny?

Getting Started

I did not plan in very detail how this game will work, I simply had an idea and built off of that. I wanted to make a side scroller because I had prior experience making one at another hackathon for a Ludum dare competition. I learned how to program a camera view for a side scroller game and how to use the 30log library to do object oriented programming (OOP) in Lua.

What’s the Game Like?

The general idea for this game is that you are a hungry bunny who must dodge traps, obstacles, and other objects that can kill you. If you die, you simply lose the game. This game is based on a score system; for every carrot that your bunny eats, you will game one point. I plan to have different carrots that will yield greater or reduce your current score. The game will keep track of your high score and display it in the title screen. The game is simple and seemeed relatively easy for me. After working on the game for 3 days, it was fun and definitely a great opportunity to apply my skills. There is currently no sound or images for the title/game over screen. There is also no animation and there are white boxes around the carrot and traps because I’m waiting for a friend of mine who is an artist and is willing to do the artwork for my game. So, I’m focusing most of my time on the game mechanics and framework to build more advance/complicated objects.


The current artwork that you see in the photo are not mine. I do not own them and all credit goes to the owner of the photos that I pulled off the internet. Those photos are meant to be place holders for the images that will be drawn by my friend, Tina. Tina is a talented artist that I know who currently goes to a different school, UCI. She spends a lot of her time doing amazing artwork while attending school. She happily drew the title, instruction, and pause screens for my previous project: SpaceBugs when I randomly approached her. Please do check out her amazing portfolio here. Thanks Tina!