My Intro Java Projects/Labs

Getting Started:

The Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that I use to program in Java is Eclipse and it can be found here:
Java Eclipse

Lab Overview

Lab 1:

Marathon Lab – My intro to Java programming, variables, and how to calculate user’s pace, marathon time, and 10k time.

Lab 2:

Flag Lab – My first experience with Java 2D and swing to display a flag of a country with Draw() and Repaint().

Lab 3:

Shell Game – My first time making objects in Java by making a class and then creating methods in that class for the object to call in the main driver.

Lab 4:

Stats Class -My experience with arrays, Random Generator, and Loops to create a game called the Shell Game where User has to guess where they think a peanut is at under three cups.

Lab 5:

Card Game– My experience with Creating an object with characteristics (a card that has a rank and suit), an array of an object that I created (Deck of Cards), and methods to return the characteristics of an object in that array by using its index (A card in the deck).

Lab 6:

Black Jack – My experience of replicating the Black Jack Card game by developing its logic with the previous lab’s Card and CardDeck class.