• To take User’s input of # of items, a minimum number, and a maximum number to create a randomized array with the length as the # of items and the randomized numbers can only be within the minimum and maximum number range then provide User with information from their choice of the main menu (Maximum, Minimum, Average, Mode, # of Even numbers, # of Odd numbers, Sample Set, # of Times a Certain Number Occurs in the Array)



  • A number for the # of items in the list
  • A minimum number for the list
  • A maximum number for the list



  • Maximum of the list
  • Minimum of the list
  • Average of the list
  • Mode of the list
  • # of even numbers in the list
  • # of odd numbers in the list
  • A sample set output of all the numbers in the list
  • # times a certain number occurs in the list