Northrop Grumman

Software Engineering Intern

B-2 Bomber

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Internship Experience

 I had the pleasure of interning for Northrop Grumman as a software engineering intern during the Summer of 2014 and I am now a part-time intern during the school year. I am developing mission planning software for the B-2 Stealth Bomber in C# using the .NET Framework.

   My time with Northrop Grumman has been a great learning experience. I am trained in an Agile development environment and grew accustomed to the day to day software development workplace. I had the great opportunity to prepare and present my work to the customer on a frequent basis. Every day there would be new challenges but because of my amazing team, I was never afraid to ask for help and would complete my tasks within the assigned hours every sprint. My tasks have ranged from implementing new features to the software, optimizing the software’s performance, and the usual bug fixes. The time that I have spent at Northrop Grumman has enhanced my communication, debugging, and definitely programming skills.

   Overall my experience with Northrop Grumman has been incredible learning experience.