New Website

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I created this website yesterday and the purpose is to keep a portfolio or list of things that I have done during my college years.I also created this website so that I can learn and build some experience about html, wordpress, css, and other web development languages/tools. I’m currently using wordpress for this website and the theme is pinboard. I did some research and editing on this website to make it a bit more appealing. Took out the header all together and added an image instead. Added some code to my css style sheet to keep the title of the pages in the center. Worked a bit on the menu to show some webpages that I will update in the future. Also created a child theme and found out that it’s important to have one so that my information and works stay intact if the theme is ever updated. Updated my About Me page to give a little information about myself. Still have a lot to do but I do have all Summer to learn and experiment and it’s been a productive day!

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