Java Lab 1 Completion

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  1. Completed Java Lab 1: Marathon Lab
  2. Completed Java Lab 2: Flag Lab.


-Past few days, I’ve been busy searching for jobs so I haven’t had time to work on the website. But today I finished my Java Lab 1’s explanation and so Lab 1 is done. I also finished the explanation for Java Lab 2: Flag Lab. I put in the source for where i got the calculations for drawing a star. Yesterday, I ordered a lot of parts for my Arduino so as soon as they get delivered at my house I will definitely begin working on the Arduino projects. I’m definitely eager to work on a LCD project with the Arduino but I needed a 10k potentiometer (something I ordered). That’s about all I can say for today other then mentioning I went to my first meeting for Project Sunfish. CSULB’s EAT society is working on a big project and I signed up for it and currently I’m in the top level module team. Project Sunfish is an Autonomous submarine basically that the EAT club is developing. I’m excited to be a part of it and will mention more of it in the future.

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