Arduino LCD Project

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  1. Completed the Arduino LCD project.


-Today I had some free time and wanted to work on a project I was really interested in and that project is displaying text on a LCD display. I bought this LCD display for $7 at school’s EAT club. It was a great deal because the 16×2 LCD displays I found online were hovering around $10. As for the project, I got the LCD display to display hello world and the seconds that have passed since the initial program started. I then began editing the Arduino code (which was from the arduino website) to say other texts like It was an interesting project and I hope to later use sensors and display the readings. I got this code from the Arduino Tutorial webpage and modified it alittle by following the Adafruit’s tutorial on LCD.  Also, I didn’t have a 10k potentiometer so I substituted it with a 1k ohm resistor. I had to do a bit of research for this project to figure out which pins on the LCD display did what and here is what I found:
VSS – negative terminal
VDD – positive terminal
V0 – contrast
RS – register select pin: controls were in the lcd memory youre writing data to
RW – reading mode / writing mode
E – enables writing to the registry

I haven’t created a webpage for this project to explain it but I will in the future! Uploaded the project on youtube.


*Note: Great Arduino Learning tutorials:

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