Arduino with Buttons

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  1. Completed a project with the Arduino using buttons.


-Hey guys, so today I wanted to work with buttons and the Arduino. I went ahead and completed this tutorial : The tutorial was excellent and straight forward. What it does is basically turn on a LED when one button is pushed and when the other button is pushed, it turns off the LED. I learned how to write the code for telling the Arduino to turn on/off the LED depending on the buttons state. It was easy because it was exactly the same as instantiating an LED variable and then writing an If/Else statement. What drew me to this tutorial was my interest in controlling the previous project’s LCD display with a button. Also because I having knowledge of how to use a button with the Arduino will definitely be handy for more advance projects in the future. I will document this work along with the LCD display when I have time. I did this project in the evening so I’ll take a better photo and video during the day because the lighting currently isn’t so great.

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