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  1. Ordered a bunch of more parts to complete all the Adafruit Arduino Uno tutorials.
  2. Edited Java/Arduino Uno page.
  3. Competed the Adafruit Arduino Uno Lesson 4


Today, I didn’t spend much time on the website and I have to admit that lately I haven’t spent much time on the website at all. I’ve been playing around with the arduino uno without documenting my work so that’s definitely a bad habit. I ordered more parts today from tayda electronics because i ran out of LEDs to use. I again recommend shopping for parts from Tayda electronics because the parts are very cheap and they ship on time for only a dollar. My recent order however was $1.43 for shipping but that’s okay since I ordered like 130 something parts and most places would charge me $10 for shipping. I ordered 100 LEDs because they were only $0.20 each so that made up most of my parts. The rest of the parts I will list them when I they are delivered. I also began working on Java Lab 5: Card Game and I hope that I will complete the explanation tomorrow. I did add an ID for my Java and Arduino Uno Main page because I wanted to change the background to gray so that it would be easier on the eye. I also fixed some of the text alignments and i’m thinking about making an ID for the paragraphs as well because i always have to shift the texts/body of the paragraph by 10 px to the left.


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