HTML Code Fixes

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  1. Fixed the IDs from all my Java webpages
  2. Centered the flag image in Java Lab 2: Flag Lab
  3. Finished resizing all the Java webpages to look great again


Yesterday when I decided to finishing coding Java Lab 5: Card Game, I noticed that the header’s spacing below all the codes are out of place and have large to small spacing. I went to sleep last night while the webpage looked fine and  this morning, I didn’t touch the code at all. This problem has occurred before so i decided to go to WordPress forum to get some help. I made a post and alchymyth suggested that it was because oh my ID’s in my webpages. He directed me to this helpful website that showed all the html errors in my code: The only issues and errors i still have on those java webpages are </br> because it doesn’t have the right closing statement and multiple IDs of code_title. I’m not sure if multiple IDs is a problem but I will be searching for the answer. To be clear, the issue with my IDs was that I was using IDs like content, header, and footer; all three were ids that was apart of my WordPress theme so it might have caused the spacing issue. I fixed all the ID issues and now I’ll reformat my webpages to look good again and see if the issue persists. If so, I’ll seek help again. -update: I finished updating my webpages to look perfect again. I’ll try and finish explaining Java Lab 5: Card Game‘s explanation today.

I found that I an obsolete code: <center>; I thought I stopped using that code in my html and used css: text-align: center instead. I found that I couldn’t add an attribute with that style to an image but instead i just put that image in a paragraph and set the text-align:center as that paragraph’s style.

*Special thanks to alchymyth for helping me out on my post:

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