Soldering Tools!

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Soldering Tools


  1. My soldering tools: soldering station, solder sucker, and helping hands were delivered today! 


I ordered some soldering accessories to make my life easier when I begin my projects that involve soldering. I was using these accessories in my IEEE chapter’s club room but since it’s summer, I don’t have access to these accessories so I decided to buy me own! I bought all these accessories from Amazon and it came after two days because of amazon prime. Here are the prices:

  1. Soldering Station: $5.40
  2. Solder Sucker: $5.75
  3. Helping Hands: $7.11

Total after taxes: $18.88; Everything came to me smoothly without anything breaking. The only thing that I have to comment on is that the solder sucker was poorly packaged because the plastic around it just fell apart without any effort. It was only $5.75 but it did what it was suppose to so, I’m happy that I still have it. Now I’m waiting on my large shipment of parts to come in soon so I can have more fun! I also bought the 25W Weller soldering iron from home depot for around $15-17 awhile ago.

*Special Note: Today I found out that if you wanted to remove hot glue, you can use alcohol and a cotton swab. It worked like magic because I was trying to remove a 10W power resistor from a old work bench that I hot glued to and it came right off without effort. Here’s a link showing how to do it:

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