More Parts from Tayda!

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slamlink, parts,Tayda Electronics Products, 5mm LED, Photo Conductive Resistor, LDR, Piezo Buzzer, DC Power plug 2.1mmx5.5mm, RGB LED5mm, Tact Switch, 9v battery clip, 9v battery hp;der, 74HC595 8bit shift register ic, LM7805 Voltage regulator, Black Plastic Knob for Potentiometer, 4mm stackable type banana plug, LM35DZ Temperature Sensor,


1. Parts were delivered from Tayda Electronics: 6/21/2013 (5 days)


I was working on the 8 bit shift register tutorial from adafruit when I realized I ran out of LEDS; I used this as an excuse to buy more parts! Here are the list of things I bought for future projects:


  1. 5mm RGB LEDs: 2x – $0.54 each
  2. LM35DZ Temperature Sensor IC: 1x – $1.23 each
  3. 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Power Plug: 2x – $0.16 each
  4. 4mm Red Banana Plugs: 1x – $0.16 each
  5. Tactile Switchs: 10x – $.04 each
  6. 4mm Black Banana Plugs: 1x – $0.16 each
  7. Piezo Electric Buzzer: 1x – $0.48 each
  8. 5mm Red LED: 100x –  $0.02 each (awesome!)
  9. 9V Battery Holder: 2x – $0.47 each
  10. 9V Battery Clips: 2x – $0.10 each
  11. Photoells: 5x – $0.20 each
  12. LM7805 Voltage Regulator: 3x – $0.33 each
  13. 74HC595 8 bit Shift Register IC: 2x – $0.20 each
  14. Black Plastic Knob with Red Pointer: 1x – $0.22 each

Total: $10.37 with $1.43 S&H.


I was excited when this package came because I was waiting for all these parts to do multiple projects. The 9v battery clips, battery holder, DC plugs, and LED will be used to make a external power supply for my Arduino. The 100 LEDS will be for several projects and I bought 100 because it was super cheap and I’ll be using a lot for school. I bought the switches and RGB LEDS for an adafruit tutorial The banana plugs are for my work bench that I will build. The temperature sensor and Photocells are for an LCD Arduino Project. The knob is just for my potentiometer so it looks a lot nicer and if I plan to use it for a radio. The shift register ICs are for more tutorial projects since I only had one at the time and it wasn’t enough. The Piezzo buzzer is for a tutorial and for making music later on. Finally the voltage regulators are for future projects after i finish with all these tutorials and learning the basics of the Arduino. All in all, I’m really excited to see what I can do with all these parts! I’ll be sure to document my work as well!

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