New video and completion of Java Lab 5!

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  1. Today, I completed Java Lab 5: Card Game‘s explanation.
  2. I uploaded a new video of the 8 LEDs Arduino Project.


Today, I dedicated some time to completing Java Lab 5 because I’ve been lagging it. I started summer school this week but that isn’t an excuse. I uploaded a video of the Adafruit arduino tutorial lesson 4: eight LEDs. I completed that project awhile ago but I didn’t have enough LEDs and since my new package came with 100 LEDS, I decided to finish it and upload a video of it. I will document it in the future (will take some time because I’ve been lazy). I will probably document this project before the LEDs because it seems to be extremely easier. Here is the link for the Youtube video: I also put on the potentiometer cap that I bought from taydaelectronics on my potentiometer so here it is!

Black Plastic Knob with Red Pointer, taydaelectronics, potentiometer,,

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