Getting back to work!

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Atx Power Supply/Work Bench

I recently been idle from working on projects and this website for the past week or so. I’ve been out doing stuff with my family (4th of July) and especially going to summer school. However I decided I wanted to work on my atx power supply work bench and that is exactly what I did today. While working on the project, it felt great working with tools and doing something productive in my summer break. I was drilling holes on the side of the atx power supply to put in binding posts but I found out that the size of the hole was too small. I used a bigger drill bit and when I drilled the first hole, my drill went too deep into the power supply and destroyed one side of a 680uf 200V capacitor. I checked the price online for a new one and it was 5 dollars! After my mistake, i realized that i might give up on working with atx power supplies since this was my third power supply. (the first one didn’t have enough room and the second one was a defect)

9v Power Supply

Instead of sitting in my room regretting my stupid mistake, I decided i’ll work on another project that I wanted to do. I wanted to make a 9v power supply for my arduino so that I do not have to connect to my laptop every time I want to use the arduino. I haven’t built this project despite it being extremely easy because I didn’t know what type of material I wanted to use for the case. I was thinking about using wood but the smallest thickness wood that I can find would make the case too large. I ended up using cardboard! Surprisingly, it was stronger than I thought. It’s really ghetto and looks terrible but it works! I’ll elaborate more on this project tomorrow when I document it and make a video~

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