Completed Arduino External Power Supply

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external battery power supply


  1. Completed Arduino External Power Supply.


Just finished displaying the 9v external battery power supply for the Arduino on a webpage for my website. There wasn’t any explanation because I believe the project is pretty straight forward if you look at the schematic. It requires some soldering experience but it isn’t too difficult. If you’re wondering why the battery power supply is made of cardboard, the reason is because I couldn’t find and handy materials and I wanted to build this project right away! Using cardboard was sufficient because it was easy to draw and cut out the frame of the container. I then put in the 9v battery container that’s already soldered to the circuit into the frame and close the lid by duct taping it. I have to admit that it is poorly made but it meets the requirements that I need it for so I am satisfied. Hope this helps some of you!



9v power supply - schematic

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