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For the past month I have been working on work for summer school. I finished summer school last week and while I was idle from updating my computer, I have been coding! I’ve been learning how to code HTML/CSS off of CodeAcademy and I must say that the tutorials are fantastic! I pretty much picked up everything about html already from doing this website so the tutorials on CodeAcademy was a review. But there were new things that I learned about css: classes/ids ; border-radius to make rectangles rounded; border: 2px solid black (for tables). It was very informative and easy to pick up so if anyone reads this post, I highly recommend you hop over to CodeAcademy if you want to pick up basic web development. Right now, I’m learning Javascript and since I have prior experience in programming with Java, it is pretty easy to pick up and learn. The syntax is the same as Java I believe but calling a function is interesting because a ” var x” seems to be any data type instead of a specific one like in Java. I’ll try to update this website and probably work on the homepage. I’m learning html/css/javascript and hopefully PHP so that I can make my website on my own without the help of wordpress!

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