School Resume

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1. My Fall semester at CSULB has begun and I’m now a Sophmore!

2. Been working on codeacademy – Javascript from time to time

3. Mainly been focusing on school and work.


I have been busy with school and work and my schedule every week is 4 days of school and 3 days of work so I don’t get any day offs for fun and games. This schedule does keep me very busy and productive and I’m still eager to work on side projects! I have come up with two side projects that I will be working on and I hope to complete one project: 4x4x4 LED Cube display before November. The other project is a personal finance app. The purpose of the finance app is for me to keep track of my spending and I wanted the app to be an actual app on my iphone but I don’t know objective C programming so I will develop the app with html/css/javascript and maybe php if I can pick it up and then port it to and ios app later.

I am making this post because it has been a month since I lasted posted something and I wanted to keep a timeline of the things I’ve done. I recently joined the ACM club and my school and the web design SIG part of ACM seems like a great community for me to expand on my knowledge of web development. I hope that by the winter, I’ve developed excellent web programming skills and completed my personal finance app.

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