Website Update

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1. Updated homepage with the idea of displaying current projects.

2. Removed the default page names from the page.php file.

3. Removed the footer note – powered by pinboard and wordpress.

4.Added a resume page.


Today, I had a lot of time between classes, projects, and homework so I began to work on the website. I did all that is in the overview and I added the power supply that I’m working on the homepage. I decided to try new colors (hex colors) and different fonts to make it alittle nicer. I plan to add the 4x4x4 LED cube soon too. I really wanted to make the homepage display my current projects in a slider format but I couldn’t get it just right. I’ll probably work on that later in the future. I currently have three personal projects i’m working on: the power supply, 4x4x4 LED cube, and a personal web app. I’m having a tough time juggling my two jobs and schoolwork but I’ll try to make time for this website! Last note, I added my current resume to the website and it can be found on the menu bar.

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