Homepage Update

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1. Added 4x4x4 LED Cube to homepage as a current project

2. Added the date of when I posted my projects to the homepage.

3. Updated a bit of the blackjack lab in java, (didn’t realize I never finished the explanation)


Today, I updated the homepage. It took awhile to add the LED cube picture because it kept auto sizing to 3400 x 2400 pixels. I got it to resize and be a lot smaller by uploading a new photo with a smaller size. I resized and uploaded the same photo before but the reason it didn’t update to a smaller size was because I didn’t save my homepage’s page before adding the new photo. Basically, It was always adding the old photo instead of the new photo. I also added a date below the header’s of my projects to display the day i added them to the website. I definitely need to find an easier way of doing all this coding 😛

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