Editing My Homepage

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My Theme: Pinboard


1. Giving my homepage a layout to make it more appealing

2. Wanted to display all my posts with links on the left side of my home page

3. Changing the color of the “Recent Posts” widget’s title because it was too gray.

4. Centering the static WordPress homepage’s title


Homepage Layout:

1. Created a new page and named it Home (I will be editing my home page with this) and before publishing the page, I selected blog with left side bar as the page’s template.

2. I went to my WordPress admin’s panel ->Appearance -> Theme ->Customize in the top center -> Left side: Click Static Front Page->Select Home and leave posts page alone.

Displaying Posts on My Homepage:

1. WordPress admin’s panel -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Drag “Recent Posts” to “Left Side Bar” -> Named it Daily Updates and checked display post date. -> Save

Changing the Color of the “Recent Posts” Widget’s title:

1.  I kind of picked up this solution after editing my CSS file in Appearance.

-Simply paste this code in your CSS file (WordPress admin’s panel -> Appearance -> Edit CSS)

.widget-title {
color: black;

*note: This makes the widget title black but you can change it to any color you want with the name of the color or the hex value

Centering the title of my WordPress homepage:

1.  I also kind of picked up this solution after editing my CSS file in Appearance .

.page-title {
text-align: center;


*note: I am not a expert at web development; I’m currently learning new things everyday as I continue to make my website more appealing.

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