Microphone Amplifier Project

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Audio Amplifier Schematic


  1. Homepage update for microphone amplifier project
  2. Power supply failure


Microphone Amplifier

Recently, I’ve been really busy with midterms but at the same time I have been looking into new projects that I can experiment with. One project that I came up with was to take in a person’s voice and amplify it into a speaker. This project seems pretty basic so I did some research and found an instructables guide to building an amplifier but not for a microphone. The photo above is the schematic that I will be using as my base for this project. I will be building on top of this schematic to produce my ideal project. This is just a small update so I can keep track of what I’m working on. I updated the homepage to show my microphone amplifier project as a current project.

Power Supply

Last week, I began assembling my power supply because my parts came in. My power supply was working at first, it was outputting 0-9V depending on how far I have twisted the potentiometer. However, the next day when I plugged in the power supply; I smell smoke and immediately turned off my power supply. I tried it again and tested the voltages across all my components and I was reading 24~50V ! This was ridiculous so I began testing the components to figure out what was wrong. I came to the conclusion that I must have fried the voltage regular IC, LM317. So now I’m waiting to purchase another one and complete my power supply!

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