Menu Bar Update

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  1. Java Menu Bar Update
  2. Verilog: coming soon
  3. GitHub Account: steven-lam


I had a bit of free time in between working on my labs and taking a break so I decided I will update my website a little. I didn’t do much work but I decided that instead of showing just my outdated java labs in the menu, I will also show my recent object orientated class’ programs/labs. I’m still busy and in the middle of learnign new things and preparing for finals but I will definitely update the website asap. This includes my verilog tab. I’ve asked my professor for his permission to post my lab but I did not receive a response so I think I’ll go ahead and post only the schematics for my verilog project and not the entire code/project. Also, recently I have been using GitHub a lot to keep track of my lab work so I decided I’ll add a link to my github account on my website!

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