Project Update

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1. Power supply has not been working properly

2. Working on microphone amplifier

3. New Goal: Learn to use a pic processor


1) I haven’t been updating this blog recently because I’ve been just too busy with school work and work. I did put some time into working on the power supply but my first attempt, I fried the lM317 voltage regulator. For some reason it did not work properly and when I tried to test the power supply, the LM317 was really hot and began to smoke. Last Friday, I attempted to work on the power supply again but this time I was smart and put a 1A fuse. When the power supply was at 2Vs, the fuse blew and the power supply did not work.  I asked my professor for some help because of my first failure and he could not figure it out as well. Everything was hooked up properly but the power supply was pulling more amps then it should. I will work on this power supply after break.

2) This week, I will attempt to complete the audio amplifier because all my parts came in. I hope this project works because I have put a lot of time into the power supply and it was a disaster. I hope that I can finish this project by the end of the week and move on to my digital clock for next week.

3) This entire semester, I’ve been learning how to program the 8051 microcontroller using a lab pro 51 board and the keil ide. I spoke to a friend of mines who recommend that I learn to use a PIC processor because supposedly its used heavily in industry. I was looking at data sheets for pic processors when i noticed that they are similar to the RISC processor that I’ve designed in class. I am currently considering if I should just buy a pic development board or make my own.

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