Soldering Fan Station

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  1. Worked on soldering fan station
  2. Free Oscilloscope!


1. Background: Today after work I had some time and wanted to finish a project that I’ve been stalling for too long. When I worked on the LED cube, I was sick of inhaling all the toxic solder fumes. I decided that I will create some sort of ventilation so I found a 5V switch mode power supply and created a simple circuit. This circuit connected a computer fan to the 5V power rail but the computer fan was not strong enough for what I had in mind. I decided I will make something better!

Over time, I found parts from my school’s computer parts cart. I found an awesome metal case and many fans/PSU. However, the fans weren’t strong enough and the PSU was too big for the case so a senior from IEEE recommended that I ask an Electrical Engineering Professor if he had any stronger fans or smaller PSU. When I found him, he was more than happy to help with this project! He gave me three server fans and a long tiny PSU. He gave many suggestions but I decided that I could not implement his ideas because I had limited work space and the soldering station in IEEE is constantly moving.

Today, I did a lot of soldering and walking around the engineering department asking for help. The calvein org on my campus was happy to help cut squares out of the metal case for me despite it being finals week and they had to study. I modified the power supply and it worked like a charm! For the first time in awhile, something I’ve been working on out side of class works! I modified the PSU using this wiki but ignored a lot of steps that were unnecessary for my project: I will follow up with pictures and hopefully a documentation since winter is coming up

3) My professor who I’ve been constantly pestering for help on my projects and labs offered me a free oscilloscope! one problem…. it’s BROKEN! hah! He said he was going to throw it out but thought it would be a fun project for me. As long as I got it working again, I can have it! AN OSCILLOSCOPE! It’s amazing just thinking how nice it would be to have an oscilloscope for all my projects. Well…. I looked at the schematic and idk where to start…. I’ll save this for the winter for next semester~ Back to studying for finals!



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