Lab 1 Changes

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I did not have a lot of time today to code and work on my website because I had errands to run and parts to buy. I did however work on my pages today for a couple hours. I formatted the general pages like Java, Verilog, and Arduino to make the spacing between each line for more readability. I mainly worked on putting content on my pages/java labs today. I generalized the purpose, inputs, and outputs for each Java lab. I then began formatting a new layout for how I wanted to present the labs. The layout is still incomplete because I’m still learning new ways to format the text on my webpages with CSS instead of pure html. I later stumbled upon the “Code Snippet” plugin when I wanted to display my code on the webpages. It’s been a productive day once again and there is still a lot of things I want to do to make this website more appealing. I also learned a lot about how I can use div to keep all my information in containers and then restrict them and place them where I want with CSS to develop my layout. I am open to any suggestions for layout ideas because I am still unsatisfied with how my website should look like. *note: I should find a way to create a layout for the posts as well to make it more easy to read.

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