Displaying the Code for Labs

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Today I just added more content to my Java webpages: Lab 1,2,and 3. I made changes so that they all have the same layout. I also added the codes that make up the labs that I have done. I used pastebin.com so that readers can download the code directly. I used pastebin by pasting the entire code and then set it to “unlisted” so that my code can only be seen if you click on the link that is on my lab webpages. I formatted Lab 1 to have the spacing between each set of code to look great. Still need to do the same for lab 2 and 3 but it’s a bit time consuming because I currently have their div set at height: 100% but to have correct spacing, i would need to look at the size of the code and make the height a fixed pixel for the code. It’s a lot of work and I looked into scripting and I plan to learn a bit of java script to see if I can reduce the amount of html/css coding I have to do. I also learned how I can specifically change certain things on my website by using the Edit CSS. In CSS, # refers to an ID that I assigned to an element and .Name refers to a class that is named Name. Its really useful because if I have the same layout and want to make all the headers the same size or spacing, I can simply name the div the same ID and then go to my Edit CSS and set it there by typing #id{ }. There is still a lot to do and I might have forgot to mention some things but I’m starting to realize how much time this website might take to develop without scripting. Also I got my first comment from a friend 🙂

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