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I didn’t code or update my website yesterday because i spent my entire day yesterday at Disneyland since it was my first time there and it was open for 24 hrs. I updated the website a lot today though. I finished putting the purpose, inputs, outputs, download links, and code for all the Java Labs. I also fixed all the spacings for the headers of the code in the lab. I still haven’t put in all the Java Lab’s explanation as to how I came up with the code though. Also for Labs 5 and 6, I decide to use an ordered list inside an unordered list for the inputs and outputs because I had to put the menu choices as both inputs and outputs, and also because inside the menu there are a couple different choices so it needed its own list. I had an issue where the ordered list was making a space between the ordered list and the next unordered list sentence but it was an easy fix because I understood how to fix these types of problems by using inspect element and editing the CSS. To fix that issue; I simply added the code:

to my edit CSS in my WordPress admin page. Also as for Labs 5 and 6 instead of separating the code into many different sections, I just posted the entire class code as one giant code because I think it would be easier to explain the code like this when the entire code is displayed with its different cases (the menu choices) back to back. However in the future if I don’t like this idea anymore then I will change it because this website is still under development and I might even change the layout later in the future. I updated the Java Page that displays an overview of my Java labs to give a more detailed description. Also, I definitely need to fix the webpage to look the same on a mobile device because everything looks out of place or wrong.

-Installed the SEO ultimate plugin to override the posts/pages title to what I want it to be. This plugin is very useful and handy.
-Changed the text color for the Posts widget (Daily Update on my website’s homepage) to black to make it easier to read the dates. To change the text color of the posts widget, I added this code to my css:

.widget-area ul{

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