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Today, I added webpages for each of the arduino uno projects I plan to do over the summer. I just made the webpage and it is currently blank because I’m deciding how I want the layout to be. I did put the sources that I used to learn the projects by creating a link to the tutorials that I learned from.
To make a text on my website a clickable link, I used the code:

< a href="thelinkhere" > TheTextForTheLink < /a > *But without the spacing between the a’s and <'s.

I emailed Arduino to ask how I can go about using their images and citing them as a source so that I can avoid copyright issues. The webmaster politely emailed me back saying that I had to say where I got the images on this page from and credit the image from there. I decided that I will put this citation in the footer of every page that I used information from Arduino.
To create a footer, I used this code:

< div id="footer" style=" height:100%; width:100%; text-align:center;background-color:#D3D3D3;float:left" >

What this code does is create a div or a container in the webpage where I can put the information in. I gave it an ID or name that is called footer so that if I wanted to edit all the footers in all my pages then I can do so by using the ID as a reference in my Edit CSS file in my WordPress Admin page. The code is pretty straight forward because I simply said the height/width of this container is 100% which means that the div will be only be a size thats big enough to contain all the information inside it. Text-align simply says how I want to align the text, and background color is #D3D3D3 because I wanted a shade of gray inside this container. You can find hex values for colors by simply googling it. Float-left tells the webpage that I want this container to automatically be placed on the far left. (This is hard to explain because I learned it by using divs and floats to create my layout)

Personal Notes
-Yesterday and today, I’ve been getting some positive comments about my website but I’m not sure if they are real or just bots/spammers.
-I created my youtube account so that I can post videos of my work in the future.

*note: If you want to learn about web development or a bit of html/css to edit your homepage, you should go to because it’s a really good resource and introductory website for web development.

*note: I’m also thinking about creating a webpage that shows my Edit CSS in my WordPress Admin and then explaining what each does to help other people that might be in the same situation as me.

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