Senior Project Idea

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Today, I did not work a lot on my website because I was busy all day. I did take a photo of my Arduino and posted it on the Arduino Uno page with the price and location that I bought it from. I’m planning to start taking photos of the Arduino projects that I will be doing soon and documenting them on my website. This post is labeled as Senior Project because while I was out with my friends, I was discussing future projects/ideas with a friend of mine who is also a computer engineering major from CSU Fullerton. One idea was making my previous idea a little more advance. Prior to the discussion, I wanted to attach a camera to a small helicopter that I can purchase and then have the helicopter send a signal to my computer to see what the camera is looking at. During the discussion, the more advance idea is now making an App that has a gui where the entire screen will be displaying real time of what the camera on the helicopter see but also have controls on that gui that can control the helicopter. The controls will be set up like most app games on the iphone like for example, the controls in cartoon wars. The controls on the left will control the forward, backward, left and right tilt of the plane. The left controls will control the forward and maybe the backward motion (if the helicopter is capable of that). There also has to be a standby button (which will be the same control as the forward and backward control but when its not moved forward/back) because the helicopter has to be able to float in place and usually from the helicopters that I’ve played with, they don’t have that option because there usually is a control(the forward one) that controls the propeller on the helicopter. I also haven’t figured what type of signal I want the transmitter on the helicopter to emit because I was thinking bluetooth originally but if the controls of the helicopter are going to be on an app then I would need to use wifi and maybe a server to send the emitted signal to the app. All in all, this idea revolves a lot around a drone but a lot more of a prototype. After thinking about the idea I wanted to do this as my senior project and since I have three more years, I have plenty of time to work on it. This idea is still in development but it’s something that will definitely be interesting to see come alive.

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