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  1. Added content to The Blinking Light Arduino Project.
  2. Completed the project and recorded what the project looks like and upload it on YouTube here.
  3. Worked on the Arduino Project’s layout.
  4. Began adding explanation for Java Lab 1: Marathon.


Today, I decided that it’s time to put content and work on Arduino Projects. I haven’t decided how I want the layout for these Arduino Projects to look like so I kept the same kind of layout as the ones in my Java labs. I took photos of all the materials I used for the Blink Project and then uploaded them so that I can use them for the webpage. I was using my iphone’s camera to both record and take the photos. I realized that the iphone’s camera wouldn’t be sufficient for documenting my work because it seems to be poor quality especially recording…. As for now, I will continue to use my iphone for documenting my work and maybe get a camera in the future. I also realized that it takes a lot of work to document my stuff and put it on this website then simply to just do the project and be happy about it. But, the purpose of this website is to make a portfolio so I will continue adding my work no matter how much effort it takes! and i think that this website can also help others if they stumble upon my website because they can see examples of several similar easy projects that someone who doesn’t have much experience has done and they can try it themselves. I also haven’t been updating the website because for the past 2 days, I’ve been working on my personal statement and application for the CSULB’s engineering honors program and I do really hope I get in! but during those two days, I attempted to modify the website so it looks the same on a mobile device but i haven’t had any success other then knowing that I have to use media queries.

I began adding information for my Java Lab 1 because I decided that I should finish my Java Labs instead of leaving the explanations blank. I hope to finish them when I have free time to work on my website and when I don’t want to work on layout/putting information for the Arduino projects because that can get very hectic and time consuming. I will finish the rest of Java Lab 1’s explanation tomorrow.

*note: i think i like this layout for my posts so that people don’t have to read a big block of text

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