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1. School has been busy

2. Done some projects: blinking LEDS to the sound of music and power supply

3. Been working on the CSULB IEEE Website

4. Tau beta pi


Haven’t posted in awhile but I have been busy with school and working on projects that I should probably document as soon as possible. Recently I’ve been working with a team of other engineers from IEEE to build a robotic arm. We are hopefully going to finish assembling all the parts this Sunday so that we can begin interfacing with the servos using our microcontroller: intel galileo.

I recently joined a club called the Makers society at csulb. They’re really cool and build lots of amazing things. Last Saturday I believe, I attended their workshop and etched my own circuit board! I went through the whole process of using steel wool, eagle cad, acetone, and another substance that I forgot which was used to eat away the copper to build my circuit board. The workshop was to teach students how to etch their own circuit board and a bonus was that we got to make a circuit that blinks several LEDS to the beats of a song through an aux cord. I’ll definitely try to add some photos and document some work by the end of the weekend.

I was working on the CSULB’s IEEE website this week. Been updating some information and fixing some minor bugs where photos are missing. The link is: I would like to add more photos of our events and definitely more information about our current projects. There is a lot of work to do and I hope I have the time to work on the IEEE website and definitely this one.

I want to put a short mention that I was recently invited to join Tau Beta Pi. I went to the orientation this week and I’m not so sure if I should join because it doesn’t feel as though they’re active. However, it is tau beta pi…. and I feel inclined to join for the namesake and hope there are networking activities.


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