Pinboard search form deleted from header

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1) I deleted the search form from my header in the pinboard theme.

2) Removed margins or white spaces from header image

3) Removed search form from header – pinboard


After updating wordpress to 3.8.1, my website’s home page’s header changed drastically. The image was out of place and the search form has returned. I did a bit of googling and I found the solution to removing the search form. I added this piece of code to my edit css:

#header input#s{



I found this code snippet on a youtube video so the credit goes to:

2) I also added some css code to remove the margins or white spaces around my header image because my website had some margin set for the header image. I added this code:

#site-title {

#site-title img{

However, when I inspected elements, I noted that there was some white space below my image because of a search form element so I removed it by adding:

#header #searchform {
display: none;

That concludes my small fix to returning my website to what it was before updating wordpress to 3.8.1. I hope this helps anyone looking for a solution!

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