Scavenge With Friends


ScavengeWithFriends - Image

Scavenge With Friends is a web application designed to simulate scavenger hunts all over the world through Google Street View for its players.


HackPoly – 2015 Cal Poly Pomona Hackathon (24 hr)


Team Members:

  1. Isaac Siegel (Cal Poly Pomona)
  2. Vincent Koeten (Cal Poly Pomona)
  3. Mitchell Manqueros (Cal Poly Pomona)
  4. Steven Yeu (UCSD)
  5. Steven Lam (CSULB)


Scavenge With Friends was developed at HackPoly – 2015 Cal Poly Pomona’s Hackathon. My team and I created a web application where users can virtually participate in a scavenger hunt around the world with their friends. The goal was to easily allow the users to join a session and immediately participate in that session’s scavenger hunt.

How to Play:

Each player is allowed to join a specific game room or session by entering the game room’s name upon entering the game. There is a maximum of four players per game room. The user is able to explore the world using the navigation controls in the center of the application. The user is able to take a screenshot of their current view by clicking the Camera icon. Once captured, the image will be displayed in the user’s corresponding portrait. The goal of the game is to have the most points in a set amount of time. Every round a random player is allowed to describe an object that every other player must find. Each user earns a point if he or she is able to find that object. To determine if a player indeed did find the object, every player is allowed to vote if the image that another player captured is in fact the desired object.


My main role for this project was to design and integrate the back-end of the application with the UI. I primarily developed in JavaScript to interface with Google and Fire-base API. I utilized the Google Street Viewer API to simulate the user’s navigation in any part of the world. The functionality for the voting buttons and user’s captured image is implemented using the Fire-base API. Much of the hackathon was spent researching and learning the APIs while working with my team to discuss the design for our project. The design for our application was continuously changing and re-discussed throughout our time at the hackathon because my team did not establish a detail model for our project. However my role as a developer allowed me to participate in most of the decision making process because I would seek clarification for the ideal image of the project that my team had in mind.This project was fun and working with my team was a great learning experience.



  • Google API
  • Firebase API
  • HTML / Javascript / CSS3
  • Bootstrap