Solder Ventilation System

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I created this solder ventilation system because I wanted to reduce the amount of solder fume intake for people who are soldering in IEEE. When I built my 4x4x4 LED cube I inhaled a lot of solder fumes which as a result, I got my throat infected twice. I didn’t want that to happen to anyone else so I decided to build this nifty tool!


This is a small section where I would like to explain how I got the parts to build this project. I would like to thank Leo Rodriguez, a EE faculty at CSULB, for providing me with the fans and parts. Everything from this project was found from a scrap cart that sits on the third floor of csulb’s ECS building. Students are allowed to take anything they want from the cart and every week the cart is filled with new scrap parts. Many of my projects were built from desoldering parts from this awesome cart. Because of this cart, I was able to experiment and build many interesting things and I hope more students would take advantage of this cart.

Power Supply:

The power source for this project is a modified computer power supply. Like most parts from this project, I found this computer power supply from the scrap cart. I previously modified an atx power supply to create a work bench power supply so I used the same idea to create a 12V source for all three server fans. These fans were previously used for cooling servers but Leo held onto them when better fans were installed to replace these fans. Leo happily gave it to me when I explained that I needed something stronger than a normal computer fan for this project. Here is a link to how I modified the power supply:

Finalizing The Project:

One thing that I have to mention is that the case for this project was also found on the cart! It is a perfect case and above all, its light! The difficult part was cutting out the holes to mount the fans but students from Calvein at CSULB gladly helped me when I explained my project. I mounted the fans using screws and nuts that I also found on the cart. The last task that I had to do to complete this project was to create a small little prototype board to bridge all the vcc and ground for the fans. It was a quick process and IEEE had all the materials I needed.

Things Left To Do:

The ventilation system sucks air in and not blow air out. So the only thing that I need to do left for this project is to buy a screen from home depot and mount it to the back of the ventilation system. I haven’t had the time to drive out to home depot and make the purchase but I have to admit that I have been lazy too. However because of the work station’s location in IEEE, if students use the ventilation system then the air will be blown out the door and not fumigate the room. If I wanted to improve this project, I would definitely take advantage of the wires that aren’t used from the power supply. I would add a usb connector on a 3.3V rail so people can charge their phones or any device that uses a usb connector. I would also mount the prototype board to the side of the ventilation system to make it more clean when viewed from the rear.