Travelr is a mobile application that provides the best travel time and cost among different forms of transportation to the user.


CalHacks – 2014 UC Berkeley’s Hackathon (3 days)

Team Members:

  1. Isaac Siegel (Cal Poly Pomona)
  2. Daniel Dobalian (UC Bekeley
  3. Steven Lam (CSULB)


Travelr was developed at CalHacks – 2014 UC Berkeley’s Hackathon with the intention to win the Uber challenge. My team and I created a mobile application that provides the best transportation for the user needs. The four forms of transportation displayed to the user are Uber, Train, Walking, Car, and Bicycling.

How to use Travelr:

The user begins at the home screen for the application. The user is able to enter the destination’s location in a text field that is similar to google map’s text field. The user selects Take Me There! The applications transitions into a screen that allows the user to select if they are feeling cost effective or time effective for their transportation. Once a preference is selected, Travelr will calculate the travel time and cost to the user’s destination from their current destination by Uber, Train, Walking, CAR, and Bicycling. The best form of transportation based on the user’s prior preference selection will be highlighted to the user. If the user wishes to travel by Uber, then the user is able to call Uber by selecting the Uber option.


My main role for this project was to support and integrate the back-end of the application. I developed in JavaScript to interface with the Google API. I utilized the Google Maps and DirectionsService API to display the route in a google map for our app and to calculate the travel time and cost for each transportation. Learning to use the Google API for our geo-services was an excellent learning experience. It was difficult at first but I was impressed by the documentation and structure of the Google API. It is definitely one of my favorite APIs to work with. Our project was designed and developed as a web application but then transformed and deployed as an android app by using the open source framework: Phone Gap. The entire hackathon event was fun, exhausting (3 days), but well worth the experience because I put my skills and knowledge to develop an application in a very short amount of time with a team that I have never worked with.


More Images:

Travelr-Home Page-Image


Travelr-Travel Options-Image

Travelr-Options Selected-Image


  • Google API
  • Uber API
  • PhoneGap
  • HTML / Javascript / CSS